The Smart Book Light™
The Smart Book Light™

The Smart Book Light™

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Traditional book lamps are bulky and outdated and their battery lives are short!

The Smart Book Light™ has a next level see through design that allows you to place it atop of the page!  Adjustable LED lights allow for the perfect amount of light containment where it will not bother others.  NO MORE EYE STRAIN.

The Smart Book Light™ is battery operated, using Triple AAA batteries which allows you to up to 40 hours of usage! No recharging or messy wires to worry about! 


Imagine being able to easily read your book in any level of light whenever you like. This is something you need and we have it on sale right now with our limited offer. Don't wait until the price goes up... Get it now!

The Smart Book Light™ is the ideal size which will allow you to take it anywhere you go! With The Smart Book Light™ being battery operated, it allows much more freedom to take it anywhere.  No electricity around?  No Problem.

Perfect for:

  • Bedroom
  • Public Transport; Bus, Train, Tram, Subway
  • Plane Flights
  • Road Trips
  • Office Studying





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